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Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS) of MNU is recognized as the premier institute for tourism and hospitality studies in the Maldives. Spanning over three decades, FHTS has been producing exceptional graduates in the areas of tourism, hospitality and culinary studies.

FHTS places great emphasis on forging strong partnerships with leading industry players, ensuring students have ample opportunities to engage with professionals and gain exposure to real-world scenarios. These collaborations provide students with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and internships that enhance their practical skills and industry readiness.

Furthermore, students benefit from enhanced global recognition, expanding their prospects for international career opportunities.


A major strength of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies lies in its accomplished faculty members, who bring a wealth of industry experience and academic expertise to the classroom.

The Faculty’s team of educators is committed to nurturing future hospitality leaders, imparting industry insights, and fostering a passion for excellence among students. EHL’s recognition of the Faculty underscores the caliber and competence of its faculty members, further enhancing the institution’s reputation.

With the backing of EHL, the Faculty will continue to elevate its standards, expand its international collaborations, and provide students with exceptional educational experiences that prepare them to excel in the dynamic world of hospitality.

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The accreditation of the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies as an associate member of EHL marks a significant achievement in its pursuit of excellence in hospitality education.

In parallel with this remarkable accreditation, MNU-FHTS is proud to announce the introduction of the Professional Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, developed in collaboration with EHL.

This program aims to address the evolving needs of the Maldivian hospitality sector by nurturing leadership competencies among industry professionals. By focusing on both technical knowledge and soft skills, the program equips participants with the abilities needed to excel in supervisory and managerial roles.


The following schools integrated the EHL network of schools by demonstrating a high level of commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry.