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Ensure that your team has the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing environment.  And provide the best possible educational experiences for your students by creating more effective and engaging learning experiences.


Benefits for your Education Institution


Improved Instruction

To ensure that instructional methods remain effective and up to date, educational institutions should invest in educating their faculty and staff on different instruction techniques and processes. They should strive to foster a culture of collaboration and communication between instructors, students, and staff, through implementing team-based approaches to instruction.


Increased Student Engagement

Educational institutions should focus on developing teacher-student relationships, encouraging collaboration, and equipping instructors with the tools and strategies to engage students in their learning. Additionally, institutions should provide resources and activities that allow students to explore their interests, build on their strengths, and identify areas for growth.


Improved Staff & Faculty Skills

By providing staff and faculty with access to professional certifications, workshops, seminars, conferences, and opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other, institutions can ensure that their staff and faculty have the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in their roles and reach their full potential.


Increased Staff & Faculty Morale

Education institutions can ensure that their staff and faculty feel valued and motivated to continue learning and developing their skills by providing more opportunities for professional development, creating more mentorship and networking opportunities, and recognizing and rewarding their hard work and accomplishments.


Improved Reputation

Educational institutions can ensure that their reputation is maintained by taking steps to create a positive environment, offering quality services to students and staff, and attracting top talent to their institution.


Learning Resources & Educational Insights

By leveraging data insights, education institutions can gain a better understanding of their students, their performance, and the effectiveness of their programs. With these insights, they can better tailor their programs to meet the needs of their students and maximize their success. This can help them gain a competitive edge and ultimately drive growth. Furthermore, by utilizing data, education institutions can make better decisions that can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

A Selection of Our Solutions

EHL equip professionals and subject-matter experts with the requisite knowledge and competencies, that will allow them to build the right mindset to facilitate a learner-centric approach.

Our 5-day program incorporates the principles of question technique, active learning and trainer dialogue. Additionally, participants will be assessed on EHL facilitation methodologies and receive coaching and mentoring from our master trainers.



EHL supports the institution in the following areas (subject to geographies):

  • Available in both online and onsite formats
  • A maximum of 15 participants
  • To successfully complete the training, all prerequisites and assessments must be completed.
  • Upon completion, participants will receive an EHL Certificate of Completion, which is valid for 5 years.
  • Ensure your teams offer greater engagement to facilitate a learner-centric approach.
  • Ensure that students are provided with the highest quality training and education.
  • Provide recognition of a certificate for your team members who have completed the program.

EHL faculty members are renowned for their expertise, excellence, and dedication to teaching and research.

Through our Visiting Faculty program, we offer the opportunity to bring this outstanding knowledge and experience to partner schools around the globe. 


  • Available in both online and onsite formats
  • A maximum of 15 participants

  • Gain valuable insight into the latest research and teaching methods
  • Provide your faculty with the opportunity to build relationships with peers
  • Offer your students a unique and cultural experience, while allowing them to acquire knowledge and expertise

Our "Train The Trainer" program immerses participants in the essential skills needed to excel as a facilitator. From mastering preparation techniques and utilizing effective methodologies to engaging classroom activities and leveraging technology, participants will also gain valuable insights into verbal and nonverbal communication strategies.

The online program is designed to be a comprehensive and dynamic experience that spans over a period of 6 weeks. Through a combination of interactive online modules and live sessions, participants will engage in both asynchronous tasks and synchronous online sessions.

In this training, participants are required to:
  • Complete a series of guided reading and interactive online modules prior to a live session;
  • Be present during all the live online sessions with an EHL trainer;
  • Work and submit evaluations and training tasks between sessions;

Only participants who have attended and successfully completed all courses, as well as, passed the 2 assessments, will be certified.

  • Improved Education Quality
  • Increased Retention Rates
  • Increased Student Engagement
  • Increased Trainers Productivity

Discover our "Train The Trainer" program


An online course designed for self-learning, offering a set of 14 online lessons complete with instructor led video material, a toolbox for daily activities, handouts, and tests.

Its aim: train staff of hospitality businesses on the latest best practices, ensuring the safety of customers and team members.

Course Advantages:

Learners can pace their training, depending on their work schedule

On any Device
The course can be taken on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop or desktop

By World's Leader in Hospitality
The course is designed by EHL, ranked world's #1 in hospitality management education

Personalized Statement of Completion
Upon successful completion, learners will receive a personalized statement signed by EHL

Discover our "Train The Trainer" program

A Program is specifically designed for professional trainers and university faculty members committed to enhancing their abilities in transmitting knowledge, competencies, and mindsets to learners.

The AHTC Program is designed to surpass traditional teaching approaches and focus on facilitating student learning. It integrates principles from Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Epistemology, guaranteeing an optimal learning experience for participants.

Course Advantages:

The Program has a three-pronged focus
  • Knowledge: Equipping participants with theoretical know-how tofacilitate effective learning.
  • Competencies: Providing participants with the practical skills and capabilities necessary to facilitate successful learning experiences.
  • Mindset: Developing the right attitude, values, and emotional intelligence to enable participants to be effective learning facilitators.ersonalized statement signed by EHL

Discover our "AHTC" program


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