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Our Education Experts

Name Location Competencies
 Aman Aditya Sachdev
Aman Aditya Sachdev India Strategic Advisory; Corporate Strategy Development and Execution; Real Estate Develpment & Acquisitions; Asset Management; New concept & Brand Development; Project Management; Hotel & Resort Operations; Business Development; Vocational Education & Training; Higher Education; Learning & Development; People Development
 Ana Mcfee
Ana Mcfee Switzerland Business Development; Digital transformation; Coaching; Training; Sales & Marketing Strategies; Education Consulting; Business and Strategy Development; Learning & Development; People Development; Women in Leadership; Project Management
 Anne-Céline Renaud
Anne-Céline Renaud Switzerland International project management; International ecosystem facilitation; key account management providing tailored support; collaborators development and empowerment; business development; continuous improvement; collaborative innovation
 Avik Bhattacharya
Avik Bhattacharya India Academic and Operational Deep Dives; Audits and Inspections; Financial Modelling; Academic Advisory; Customer Service Design; Hotel Operations; Business Development
 Benjamin Robert-Charrue
Benjamin Robert-Charrue Switzerland Education Consulting & Certification; Project Management; Business Development; Customer Experience Design; Development and Pre-Opening of Wellness Units
 Chen Bao
Chen Bao China School Development; Hotel Asset Management; Business Strategy; Hospitality Concept Development; Training Development
 Chenqian Liang
Chenqian Liang China Relationship Management; School Operation Analysis; Curriculum Design and Evaluation; Initial Site Visit; Academic Operation Audit
 Chenrong Rebecca Liu
Chenrong Rebecca Liu China Business Development; Project Management
 Eric Debétaz
Eric Debétaz Switzerland Project Management; Faculty Training & Development; Curriculum Design; Alignment & Planning; Learning Infrastructure Development & Alignment; Course Content Review; Academic Quality Audit
 Fabrizio Tovaglieri
Fabrizio Tovaglieri Switzerland Education Management and sales; Educational concept development; Strategy formulation and market entry strategy; International project management; Performance improvement. Sales and marketing; Client Relationship management; International markets exposure (Russia; Asia-Pacific; Latam; USA)
 Feng Guo
Feng Guo China People & Organizational Performance; Digital and Analytic Transformations; Growth & Innovation
 Jean-Baptiste Berguerand
Jean-Baptiste Berguerand China

Learning center development including strategy; facility design recommendation; curriculum creation; Designing and facilitating various course content in the field of Food & Beverage; management and hospitality; Optimizing value creation and business performance in operations

 Jens-Henning Peters
Jens-Henning Peters Switzerland Business Development; Strategic Project Management; Entrepreneurship; Management Consulting; Hospitality and Education
 Lian Le Chew
Lian Le Chew China Human Resources Management; Coaching; Training; Talent Development
 Sidhant Bedi
Sidhant Bedi India Vocational Education & Training​; Education Advisory; Customer Service Design​; Hospitality Operations​; Training Operations & Delivery​; e-Learning & Blended Learning Solutions​; Food & Beverage
 Sukrit Dogra
Sukrit Dogra India

Key Account Management; Business Development; Process Development, Business Strategy; Training, Relationship Management; Curriculum Design; Content Augmentation

 Wei-Cheng Chen
Wei-Cheng Chen Switzerland Educational Institutions & Training Academy Conceptualization Learning Strategy & People Development Luxury Brand & Service Quality Management Customer Experience & Design Leadership Development & Team Dynamics
 Victor Jaton
Victor Jaton Switzerland Higher Education Management; Academic Accreditation; EHL Certification; Quality Assurance; Education Consulting; Business and Strategy Development; Project Management; Academic Audits; Curriculum Development; Relationship Management; School Development; Conception and Design
Dr. Nathalie Mather-L'Huillier
Nathalie Mather-L'Huillier Switzerland Higher Education Management; Academic Accreditation; Quality Assurance; Strategy Implementation; Governance; Program Development; Research Development; International Education Policy; Communication; Teaching; Regulatory Affairs; Government Relations and Networking
 Mario Sides Dura
Mario Sides Dura Switzerland Higher Education Management; Academic Accreditation; Quality Assurance; Education Consulting and Certification; Business Development; School Development, Academic Audits, Project Management; Network Management; Program Development; Communication; Relationship Management
 Yuvraj Soni
Yuvraj Soni India

Business Development; Vocational Education and training; Education Consulting; Key Account Management; Process Development; Database Management; Strategic Planning; Project Management; Quality and academic Audits; Research and analysis; Curriculum Design

 Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan Switzerland Governance and Management in Higher Education; Vocational and Professional Education & Training; Vocational Skills Development; Private Sector Engagement; Competency-based Approach; Accreditations; Quality assurance; Curriculum Design
 Shan Dong
Shan Dong China

Academic Audit and Gap Analysis; Research and Analytical; Service Excellence; Business Development; Curriculum Design

 Yuan Fang Lisa Li
Yuan Fang Lisa Li China Business Development & Strategy; Academic Audit and Gap Analysis; EHL Certification Scheme Application Support; Feasibility Study; Content Development
 Ashley Musseau
Ashley Musseau Switzerland

Client Relationship Management; Instructional Design; Higher Education Trainer; International Collaboration; Outreach Campaigns; Tailor-made Academic Solutions; Innovation for Growth

 Abhishek Jakate
Abhishek Jakate Switzerland Education strategy and implementation; Go-to-Market, People development; Customer Experience transformation; Feasibility studies; Financial modeling & Valuations; Project Management
 Warren Weill
Warren Weill Switzerland Curriculum Design; Academic Audits; Client Relationship Management; e-learning & Blended Learning solutions, Project Management; Cross-functional team coordination; Strategic Planning; Hospitality operations; Education Consulting
 Vriddhi Jain
Vriddhi Jain India Research and Analysis; Course Content Design; Audits and Inspections; Academic Advisory; Curriculum Design; Market Entry strategy
 Kaushiki Khanijo
Kaushiki Khanijo India

Customer service; Team management; F&B concept; Training; Vocational education & training; Food production; Luxury Hospitality

 Romane  Petit
Romane Petit Switzerland Social & Environmental Sustainability, Coaching & Teaching, Data-driven Strategies, Media Content Creation, Management of Operations

Our Offices

Our headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a global footprint and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Delhi as well as partner institutions worldwide.



Switzerland Office

Route de Cojonnex 18
1000 Lausanne 25

Contact our local expert: Robert-Charrue Benjamin

China Office

Unit 02, 10th floor,
China World Office 1
No. 1 Jianwai Avenue
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China 100004

Contact our local expert: Lian Le Chew

China Office

A3007 Gubei SOHO,
No. 188 Hongbaoshi Road
Changning District
Shanghai, China 201103

Contact our local expert: Berguerand Jean Baptiste

India Office

WeWork, The Galaxy Hotel
Office Number 02-107
Behind 32nd Milestone, Sector 15
Delhi-NCR 122001, India

Contact our local expert: Bhattacharya Avik

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