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Centers of Learning. Centers of Excellence.

For schools, governments and all investors in education and training, we provide consultancy services and training.

With a progressive, Swiss approach to quality education, we guide our clients with their operational and strategic needs.

For new and existing learning centers around the world looking to enhance their academic quality and business performance, we provide consulting service ranging from opportunity analyses, curriculum design to hiring and training faculty.


Transform your education institution through strategic planning

We help education institutions like yours open its doors, or transform into a thriving, successful learning environment by identifying your specific goals and objectives, developing an action plan, and providing the necessary resources to ensure that these goals and objectives are met.

A successful strategy and transformation process requires careful planning and consideration of the unique needs of the school and its students.


Design, implement, and evaluate education programs

We provide guidance for research, analyzes, and evaluation of your existing programs as well as design and implement new programs and curricula.

We also deliver plug and play hospitality programs and administer EHL-approved professional diplomas through our VET by EHL licensing model.


Develop your team's skills to reach greater levels of success

We help you and your team stay up to date with the latest trends in education and provide the best possible educational experiences for your students by creating more effective and engaging learning experiences.

We provide workshops, seminars, coaching and development programs as well as online learning modules and resources to ensure that your team has the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing environment.


Ensure your institution's good governance and quality education

We help your institution guarantee that it is meeting the standards set by regulatory bodies, is compliant with relevant laws, and is operating in an effective and efficient manner.

Through the process of certification, we assist learning centers to achieve a high standard of academic quality assurance that is backed by EHL, the world’s first and best ranking hospitality business school.


Leverage your resources for optimal academic performance

We guide our clients with allocating their resources to achieve the best ROI, utilizing their strengths while managing their weaknesses, communicating and engaging with stakeholders as well as adapting to changes in the environment.

We help you with structuring yours institution to ensure that it is effectively managed, and that resources are allocated in a way that maximizes the benefit for the students.


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