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How efficiently and effectively your institution is achieving its objectives?

With a progressive, Swiss approach to quality education, we guide our clients with allocating their resources to achieve the best ROI, utilizing their strengths while managing their weaknesses, communicating and engaging with stakeholders as well as adapting to changes in the environment. 


Benefits for Education Institutions


Improved Productivity

Efficiency and effectiveness in Education Institutions can help to improve productivity, as resources are used in a more efficient manner and objectives can be completed more quickly.


Optimization of Cost Structure

By utilizing resources in a more effective way, Education Institutions can reduce both operational and administrative costs.


Return on Investment

Education Institutions that are efficient and effective in their operations tend to have higher profits due to their ability to complete tasks more quickly and with fewer resources.


Improved Quality

By remaining efficient and effective, Education Institutions can ensure that they are providing high-quality services and products to their students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders.


Increased Student Satisfaction

By providing higher-quality services and products, Education Institutions can improve customer - students - satisfaction, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.


Marketing & Student Recruitment

Our strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and focus on gaining the attention of prospective students and successfully converting them to new enrollees.

We use a combination of digital marketing, traditional marketing, and student recruitment tactics to ensure that our clients are reaching their target audience and have the best chance of success. We also offer our clients guidance on how to optimize their marketing and recruitment efforts to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

A Selection of Our Solutions

EHL supports institutions establish the core team who are critical for the successful launch and operations.

Our team of experts provide guidance (on-side or remotely) on the decision-making process to establish an effective management and academic team.



EHL supports the institution in the following areas (subject to geographies):

  • Review of the organization chart
  • Designing draft Job Descriptions for key positions
  • Review of Job Posts
  • Review of up to 10 applicant CVs (Management and Faculty) once they have been reviewed and shortlisted by the institution
  • Share the job posts within its network and directs the responses to the institute for further action
  • Participation in up to 5 final interviews for key positions (e.g. Director, Dean) once they have been interviewed and approved by the institution

  • Increase your institution's visibility and attract more suitable candidates to fill key positions.
  • Reduce the time and cost spent on finding suitable candidates, such as Directors and Deans.
  • Streamline your recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective.

EHL can provide your institution with a comprehensive Operational & Academic Performance Review to ensure pre-determined standards are met and all defined targets are achieved.

Our experts will conduct a 360-degree review of the institute, identifying key strengths and areas of improvement. We'll review aspects of the institute such as management review, academic quality, faculty, students, industry relations, marketing, services, and physical infrastructure against international best practices and EHL standards.


After analyzing the institute, we'll provide a debrief presentation and a comprehensive report with our key findings and offer recommendations to enhance the level of hospitality education offered.

  • Identify areas of improvement for enhancing the quality of the education offered.
  • Better align teaching practices with international best practices and EHL standards.
  • Identify and address student needs and ensure their learning experience is a positive one.

EHL helps institutions enhance their marketing and student recruitment strategies and activities. 

We offer workshops with key stakeholders to increase student numbers, review existing strategies and practices, and improve lead generation for client schools.


Our key deliverables may include:

  • Assessment report of current Marketing and Sales practices, with gaps and areas of improvements
  • Inputs into Sales and Marketing strategies, including target markets and priority programs to push.
  • Recommendation of priority tactics to improve the Marketing and Sales Engine
  • Preparation with the institution's teams of a short-term action plan based on recommendations
  • Coaching Marketing and Sales resources during the implementation of recommendations.
  • Establishment of the institution's Microsite (scalable to full website) optimized for Search Engines. 
  • Creation of Blog home page with first blog articles 
  • Creation of Email templates for mass-emailing
  • Implementation of HubSpot Marketing and Sales Platform 
  • Institution’s Marketing and Recruitment team training on HubSpot's main functionalities

  • Develop a more effective marketing and sales strategy in order to increase enrollment.
  • Identify key target markets and prioritize programs to push.
  • Train your team to better execute campaigns and strategies.

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