Strategy & Transformation

Harnessing Knowledge. Empowering Lives.

We help education institutions like yours open its doors, or transform into a thriving, successful learning environment by identifying your specific goals and objectives, developing an action plan, and providing the necessary resources to ensure that these goals and objectives are met. 

A successful strategy and transformation process requires careful planning and consideration of the unique needs of the school and its students.


Benefits for Education Institutions


Improved Agility & Innovative Mindset

Develop the capacity to quickly adapt to changing needs, trends, and technology by identifying, developing, and implementing new solutions quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


Increased Efficiency

An effective strategy for education institutions can help streamline and optimize activities and processes, saving time and resources for teaching, learning and other educational activities.


Improved Organizational Performance

To maximize performance, education institutions should ensure that all goals and activities are in line with the mission and objectives of the organization.


Enhanced Institution Reputation

Education institutions should create a positive and consistent image in the community, enabling it to attract new students and families, generate greater support and resources, and ultimately build its reputation and ensure its long-term sustainability.


Customized Strategy & Transformation Solutions

Our goal is to provide your education institution with the resources and guidance tailored to your unique needs to ensure your success.

Our team of education experts can assist you with strategic planning, process optimization, financial management, or organizational transformation.

A Selection of Our Solutions

EHL provides a comprehensive on-site visit and analysis of local and international dimensions to explore the most suitable educational concept for a project.

Our team of experts will meet with key stakeholders, industry bodies, local representatives from higher education and vocational institutions, and representatives from the local municipality.


Our analysis will provide a comprehensive Gap Analysis Report outlining:

  • Relevant laws and regulations related to your educational project development from a local context
  • Education landscape overview at your institution's location
  • Industry training need analysis at your institution's location
  • Your institution's infrastructure review 
  • Your institution's strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Education collaboration concept: opportunity, principles, organization overview, programs of study concept
  • Roadmap and next steps

  • Improve your institution's understanding of the regional and global educational landscape to develop an educational concept that meets the needs of your stakeholders.
  • Gain an in-depth look into your institution's strengths and weaknesses, along with a roadmap for improvement.
  • Identify collaboration opportunities with higher education and vocational institutions, allowing for a mutually beneficial relationship that can benefit your institution and its students.

Experience the world-class education and learning environment of EHL with this one-week program designed for investors and executive roles of the client institution to gain insights into EHL's education philosophy.

The program includes meetings and workshops with relevant EHL stakeholders, class sit-ins, interactions with EHL communities, workshops by faculty and experts, meetings with EHL's leadership team, and field excursions (as applicable).


Our Strategic workshop is best suited for 8 to 12 participants and include breakfast and lunch on EHL Lausanne Campus.

We will help you build your tailored Strategic workshop so it best fits your interests and expectations, and provide support with logistics and visa applications.

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of best-practices in the education field by attending tailored workshop
  • Develop new connections and build a network through meetings and interactions with EHL stakeholders, faculty, experts, and leadership team
  • Gain valuable insight and advice for your education institution through an immersive and hands-on experience

EHL helps education institutions understand the minimum infrastructure requirements to successfully deliver their program(s).
Or review their existing infrastructure and share recommendations to enhance the learning environment.

Our services include an analysis of new or existing infrastructure, recommendations to enhance the learning environment, physical site inspection, and a report containing principles, recommendations, maintenance/upgradation details, FF&E requirements, and more.

Our team can provide stakeholders and architects the opportunity to visit our Lausanne campus to get an understanding of the learning experience and physical environment.

  • Ensure your education institution's infrastructure is up-to-date and adequate to deliver your program(s) effectively.
  • Gain recommendations based on EHL standard to enhance your institution's learning environment.
  • Get cost-effective solutions to increase the functionality and efficiency of your institution's infrastructure.

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