SBS School of Hospitality Management



College of Shanghai Lausanne Hospitality Management, Shanghai Business School is a Sino-foreign cooperative, full-time undergraduate education institution established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China.

As an associate member of the EHL Academic Certification System and a faculty of SBS, it has a size of 640 students, and is about to open in the autumn of 2021. On the basis of high starting point and high standards, it aims to build a domestic first-class, internationally renowned hospitality management institution integrating “industry, education, research, and application” functions, and set a benchmark for international cooperation between applied technical universities.

The faculty has two specialties, i.e., hospitality management and e-commerce, and aims to systematically cultivate solid professional skills, broad global vision, high foreign language proficiency, and internationalized mode of thinking in students. The aim is to cultivate high-quality talents for all related service fields, including hospitality management, high-end rehabilitation and retirement management, high-end cosmetic medicine, data science application, luxury management, financial service, commercial real estate management, new media, and curation.


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Since 2020


Shanghai, China

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The following schools integrated the EHL network of schools by demonstrating a high level of commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry.