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UM6P School of Hospitality Business & Management

The School of Hospitality Business & Management (SHBM) is located within the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) campus in Benguerir, Morocco.

UM6P is a hub for research, education and entrepreneurship, which aspires to become a solid bridge between Morocco, Africa and the world. At the heart of the Mohammed VI Green City, UM6P is developing an entire hospitality ecosystem that will encourage innovation, applied research and entrepreneurship in hospitality.

This endeavor lays the foundation for SHBM to achieve its vision of being “a leading African higher education institution, nurturing talents, knowledge and innovation for a sustainable impact in hospitality and tourism management”.  SHBM’s mission is to uplift the knowledge and competences in the African Hospitality and Tourism industry by:

  • Training existing and future ethically and socially responsible leaders with an entrepreneurial and resilient mindset;
  • Generating rigorous and impactful knowledge supporting the sustainable growth of the industry;
  • Being a driving force for innovation by fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

SHBM’s Bachelor program welcomed its first cohort of 27 students in October 2020. The program ambitions to reach 500 hundred students by 2026. Revolving around the school’s core values of Exemplarily, Daring and Caring, the selection of students focuses on excellence, creativity, diversity and community.

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The role of Hospitality Education in Social Sustainability

With most of the public dialogue focusing on economic or environmental sustainability, talents are needed to imagine new economic models, contribute to societal growth, and drive a meaningful and long-term return on investment.

In this context,The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (commonly abbreviated as UM6P) in Morocco exemplifies the commitment of leading universities in Africa to contribute to social sustainability. The University emerged as part of the “Green City” project, a major urban development project located in the historical city of Ben Guerir aiming at creating a model city of sustainability, with a special interest in promoting research, education, and development in Africa.  



The following schools integrated the EHL network of schools by demonstrating a high level of commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry.