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Chen Bao

 Chen Bao

Chen Bao



Short Bio

Chen’s main responsibilities includes business development and overall business operations, alignment with the EHL headquarters, formulating business plans, building and coaching teams, establishing products and service systems suit to the Chinese market, as well as developing and iterating knowledge products and systems.

He closely oversees several higher education projects (EHL Certified Schools) and leads the development of vocational education and training centers (VET by EHL). Chen and his team focus on developing a series of vocational education projects and products in response to China’s vocational education reform and development.

In addition to education related projects, Chen leads the team to develop full-cycle customer experience improvement solutions for leading companies in luxury, high-end property, retail, recreation and wellness, transportation, insurance and finance, and many other industries. Chen has accumulated 17+ years of experience in the field of hotel consulting and operations, he has provided consulting and training services for many prominent hotel projects in China.


School Development; Hotel Asset Management; Business Strategy; Hospitality Concept Development; Training Development

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