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Eric Debétaz

 Eric Debétaz

Eric Debétaz



Short Bio

Eric joined EHL as a Consultant in 2020, managing projects & advising on the creation, development and certification of educational institutions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

He specializes in Faculty Training & Development, assisting international faculty members and directors in the design, planning and deployment of undergraduate curricula worldwide.

Graduate from EHL, Eric has worked in the international hospitality training and education at professional, bachelor postgraduate levels for 7+ years in Europe and Switzerland.

Certified higher education facilitator, his role as module & program leader included student faculty management, design, planning & alignment of curricula and assessments, as well as the actualization & delivery of numerous tourism and hospitality modules in international multicultural environments.

Certified Apple teacher since 2017, Eric is a technology enthusiast and specializes in experiential, challenge based & blended learning, as well as gamification & IT integration in the classroom.


Project Management; Faculty Training & Development; Curriculum Design; Alignment & Planning; Learning Infrastructure Development & Alignment; Course Content Review; Academic Quality Audit

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