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Feng Guo

 Feng Guo

Feng Guo



Short Bio

Feng GUO was actively involved in many activities that improved the opportunities for young talents to progress within the hospitality industry.

He joined EHL in 2015 to fulfill his dream in consulting industry and is currently leading the development of VET by EHL and integrated learning solution in EHL China.

He started the career from 2012 as a Shangri-La’s Corporate Trainee (in Revenue Management) based in China World Hotel, Beijing. He had collected extensive knowledge and skills in Data Analysis and Forecasting. He was then invited to join Sales Team and had won the Sales Excellence in consecutive 3 quarters.

After joining EHL, Feng GUO extended his expertise to feasibility study, business case, school development, academic audit, executive training and service cultural adaption by actively involved in varies projects - Penord Ricard, Mercedes-Benz and other leading corporations regionally and globally.

Philosophy and music could always bring him great pleasure, as well as reading books and exercising in the gym.


People & Organizational Performance; Digital and Analytic Transformations; Growth & Innovation

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