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Shan Dong

 Shan Dong

Shan Dong



Short Bio

Shan has joined EHL in 2022 as an Associate. Her role primarily involves the development of EHL Certification and Vocational Training schools in China and Southeast Asia. She also actively participates in full-cycle consulting projects in the hospitality industry.  

Prior to joining EHL , Shan completed an internship at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Subsequently, she undertook a cross-departmental internship in Sales, Public Relations, and Business Development Departments at Design Hotels in Singapore.
Through these experiences, she gained a deeper understanding of uncovering customer needs and designing exceptional service experiences for clients. Moreover, she accumulated valuable knowledge and insights into the multicultural aspects of the hospitality industry.


Academic Audit and Gap Analysis; Research and Analytical; Service Excellence; Business Development; Curriculum Design

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