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Sukrit Dogra

 Sukrit Dogra

Sukrit Dogra



Short Bio

Sukrit is a committed professional with over 11 years of experience in the fields of Hospitality Management and Learning & Development. He has led large teams in delivering excellence in Hospitality Operations and has a proven record of success in developing and delivering Education Solutions through Traditional Classroom and Tech-based methodologies.

At EHL Group – Sukrit is a consultant and is integral to the functioning of VET by EHL. His experience in both Hospitality Operations and Learning and Development having been pivotal to the successful development and roll-out of the ‘VET BY EHL’ product – having developed not only the curriculum but also the underlying processes to disseminate the knowledge to EHL’s Clients across the world – via a world-class ‘Learning Management System’.

Over and above this, Sukrit has a significant role to play in the ‘Business Development’ aspect of Education Consulting – and currently looks and builds innovative solutions for after a variety of clients in the Middle-east and India.


Key Account Management; Business Development; Process Development, Business Strategy; Training, Relationship Management; Curriculum Design; Content Augmentation

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