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Victor Jaton

 Victor Jaton

Victor Jaton



Short Bio

In his current role, Victor is responsible for the coordination, communication, and management of the EHL Network of Certified Schools.

He contributes to the member schools’ continuous improvement journey. He supports the schools’ compliance with regard to the Standards of the scheme and ensures diligent communication with members. He provides feedback on improvement areas for schools including educational effectiveness, governance, students, and faculty among other dimensions.

He has been involved in creating several training programs for schools, such as Quality Management training. Previously, Victor held a consulting role in EHL Advisory Services, focused on the Hospitality Education industry. He was involved in the development and certification of educational institutions, mainly in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions, through advisory and business development activities.


Higher Education Management; Academic Accreditation; EHL Certification; Quality Assurance; Education Consulting; Business and Strategy Development; Project Management; Academic Audits; Curriculum Development; Relationship Management; School Development; Conception and Design

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