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Warren Weill

 Warren Weill

Warren Weill



Short Bio

Warren is an accomplished hospitality professional, with significant experience in hotel operations and openings in Europe and Asia. His transition to the education sphere is highlighted by his strategic leadership with the 2019 EHL Junior Academy, which saw a revamped approach that welcomed over 300 students, many of whom later joined EHL's Bachelor program. Warren's collaborative efforts with Japanese educational institutions have fostered meaningful training partnerships.

Drawing from his expertise in strategic planning, he played a contributing role in the content and operational development of EHL’s Vocational & Training License framework since its launch in 2019.

In his current role today, Warren is responsible for the academic coordination, development, and management of the VET by EHL programs worldwide. Engaging proactively with VET Center Heads, he focuses on refining academic standards, enhancing student experiences, and upholding quality assurance.


Curriculum Design; Academic Audits; Client Relationship Management; e-learning & Blended Learning solutions, Project Management; Cross-functional team coordination; Strategic Planning; Hospitality operations; Education Consulting

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