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Yuvraj Soni

 Yuvraj Soni

Yuvraj Soni



Short Bio

Yuvraj is a member of the Education Consulting team, where he is actively involved with the Vocational Education & Training vertical in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions.

He comes with experience in entrepreneurship and business development. In the course of these experiences, he has gained a deeper understanding of business operations, client management and consultancy.

In his current role, Yuvraj is responsible for managing relationships, academic and operational coordination, and the management of the VET by EHL programs for the VET by EHL partners in the region.

In his professional capacity, he is a creative and focused professional who takes a proactive approach towards the development of the organization.


Business Development; Vocational Education and training; Education Consulting; Key Account Management; Process Development; Database Management; Strategic Planning; Project Management; Quality and academic Audits; Research and analysis; Curriculum Design

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