Marketing & Recruitment Trainings

With increasing competition and shrinking budgets, it’s important to have the tools and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Our marketing and recruitment trainings are designed to provide educational institutions with the skills and understanding needed to effectively reach and recruit students.

Led by a team of knowledgeable professionals, our trainings are tailored to the unique needs of your educational institution and offer hands-on guidance and support.

Our training are interactive and engaging, allowing participants to get the most out of every training and put their knowledge into action. 


Our Sample Trainings

Each of our trainings can be customized to fit the needs of your team and particularities of your education institution.

This course provides an in-depth look at how marketing can be used to strengthen the brand of an education institution and aid in successful student recruitment.

Participants will learn how to develop a vision, mission, and values statement, define target audiences and personas, and gain an understanding of student lifecycles and journeys.

They will leave the course with actionable strategies for successfully marketing their institutions and recruiting students in today’s competitive educational landscape.


Understand the value of a strong brand

  • Develop a relevant, meaningful mission, vision, and values statement for the institution
  • Align the mission, vision, and values with the institution’s image and branding

Understand customer needs & preferences

  • Identify target audiences and personas
  • Map customer journeys to provide personalized experiences
  • Adapt user experience and messaging based on customer preferences  

Manage the Student Lifecycle

  • Understand the current student lifecycle and marketing opportunities
  • Obtain detailed insights through tracking customers throughout the lifecycle
  • Create personalized messaging and marketing tactics for each customer segment

Recruit & Retain Students

  • Create and execute effective recruitment initiatives
  • Effectively set recruitment goals
  • Identify metrics to assess and track goals
  • Evaluate current stimulus programs and leverage KPIs
  • Plan transition strategies for successful student retention

This course provides a deep understanding of competitor identification and research, and the process necessary to create unique selling points and competitive advantages. 

Participants will learn to identify customer pain points, analyze competitors based on their customer experience, competitive positioning and pricing, and create effective messaging to differentiate their educational institution from competitors in the marketplace.

They will leave the course with the knowledge necessary to develop effective messaging and create a unique selling proposition and competitive advantage.



Identify Competitors

  • Develop an understanding of competitor identification through research
  • Identify competitors’ customer demographics
  • Analyze competitors’ promotions and pricing strategies

Analyze Competitors

  • Identify competitors’ weaknesses and strengths
  • Assess competitors based on customer experience, competitive positioning, and pricing strategy

Create Unique Selling Points & Competitive Advantage

  • Develop a unique selling proposition and competitive advantage
  • Identify customer pain points
  • Develop customer-focused initiatives

Create Sell-Against Messaging

  • Create effective messaging to differentiate the educational institution from competitors in the marketplace


This course provides an in-depth exploration of creating effective marketing plans for educational institutions. 

Participants will gain a better understanding of how to develop and implement successful outbound and inbound marketing strategies, integrate digital marketing techniques and create well-planned budgets. 

They will leave the course knowing how to write an effective marketing plan, digital marketing tools and techniques, and strategies for successful school marketing campaigns. 


Learn the basic concepts & tenets of marketing for schools

  • Understand the importance of marketing in educational institutions
  • Overview of the main components of effective educational marketing

How to write an effective marketing plan for schools

  • Define your school’s objectives
  • Set goals and strategies
  • Identify your target audiences
  • Create a budget

Gain an understanding of outbound & inbound marketing

  • Understand the differences between outbound and inbound marketing
  • Strategies for reaching the educational institution's target audience 
  • The HubSpot Flywheel Model
  • Pros and cons of outbound and inbound marketing

Embrace digital marketing tools & techniques

  • Study the principles of effective digital marketing
  • Growing trends in digital marketing
  • Create a digital marketing plan
  • Understand how to use various digital marketing tools and techniques

How to create an effective school marketing campaign

  • Generate ideas for successful school marketing campaigns
  • Develop campaigns for recruiting new students
  • Implement effective strategies for boosting student enrollments

Utilize marketing materials & channels 

  • Identify the right materials and channels to reach your target audiences 
  • Develop comprehensive materials to support students' recruitment and admissions
  • Develop a plan to disseminate the materials in accordance with the student journey

Measure the impact & outcomes of your marketing efforts

  • Understand metrics and data analysis
  • Collect and analyze data from campaigns
  • Create reports and set goals 


This course provides an overview of the strategies, tactics and technologies used to target school-based audiences online.

Participants will learn how to develop and implement targeted online campaigns to reach potential students and current student audiences via search engine, programmatic and social media advertising.

They will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of how to use advertising technology to effectively target and engage with students enrolled in various educational institutions.


Explore school online advertising

  • Define search engines
  • Survey types of digital advertising (display, video, social, etc.)
  • Analyze advantages and disadvantages of digital advertising
  • Measure performance of campaigns

Understand search engine advertising

  • Learn about search engine platforms
  • Discover keywords and keyword research
  • Structure campaigns: plan, setup, launch and optimize
  • Embrace bid management
  • Evaluate key performance indicators and track metrics

Become familiar with programmatic advertising

  • Assess types of programmatic advertising (rtb, ppc, etc.)
  • Apply data driven targeting
  • Utilize tools for optimizing programmatic ad performance

Navigate social media advertising

  • Assess platforms and advertising goals 
    select creative for ads
  • Gain insights on maximizing reach and frequency potential
  • Employ tools for monitoring and optimizing performance


This course provides training on best practices for content marketing and organic presence.

Participants will learn how to define content marketing, analyze their audience, leverage their community, identify blog content ideas, and optimize content for search engines.

They will leave the course with a comprehensive toolkit to create a content and social media strategy to reach potential students.



Embrace content marketing

  • Define content marketing and benefits of organic presence
  • Define social media platforms and their features
  • Create a content strategy and plan
  • Leverage your community: Students, Staff, Faculty, Partners, etc.

Identify blog content ideas and writing strategies

  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy to reach potential students
  • Understand SEO basics and best practices
  • Identify keywords and optimize content
  • Identify relevant and high-authority sites for guest blogging
  • Craft effective guest blog posts
  • Create a content production plan for blogs

How to create and manage content for social media

  • Develop a comprehensive social media strategy to reach potential students
  • Understand strategies for promoting school social media posts
  • Analyze your audience and segmentation
  • Unlock best practices for managing school social media accounts
  • Interpret social media analytics and use them to guide your strategy
  • Identify relevant online forums
  • How to effectively participate in online forums 


This course provides practical knowledge and tools needed to effectively engage with prospective students and develop their own successful sales and recruitment strategies.

Participants will learn how to define strategies, research target markets and engage with potential students.

They will leave the course with a competitive edge when recruiting and selling to prospective students.



Understand the landscape of sales and recruitment in education

  • Define strategies for effective student outreach
  • Analyze target markets
  • Discover the purpose and objectives of each sales and recruitment activity
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities
  • Develop incentives and campaigns for students
  • Prepare to conduct sales and recruitment activities

Attend recruitment events

  • Understand the different target nationalities
  • Identify the types and benefits of recruitment events
  • Hosting recruitment events or Open Days on your campus
  • Research upcoming events and selecting the right ones to attend
  • Prepare for a recruitment event
  • How to make a good impression at a recruitment event
  • Engage with students and parents at international fairs
  • Get tips for engaging with potential students and parents

Leverage your students as ambassadors

  • Understand the role of student ambassadors
  • Train student ambassadors on sales and recruitment activities
  • Develop an effective ambassadorship program
  • Tips and strategies for successful student ambassador recruitment

Use of agents and representative networks

  • Understand the purpose of agents and representatives
  • Strategies for selecting and recruiting agents
  • Develop sales goals and objectives
  • Establish networks with agents and representatives
  • Tips for successfully managing networks

Activate your partners' databases

  • Understand email database regulations
  • Research reputable email databases and partners
  • Develop persuasive email content
  • Choose the right communication channels
  • Analyze results of email campaigns

Embrace LinkedIn prospecting

  • Understand the fundamentals of LinkedIn for sales and recruitment
  • Research potential students through LinkedIn
  • Connect with potential students
  • Tips for creating compelling content on LinkedIn
  • Strategies for successful lead generation through LinkedIn

Engage with your prospect students through SMS and WhatsApp

  • Discover SMS and WhatsApp marketing
  • Understand the importance of personalization
  • Design effective campaigns
  • Utilize automated messages
  • Measure success of SMS and WhatsApp marketing 


This course provides

Participants will learn 

They will leave the course with xxx



Differentiate yourself with an engaging online presence

  • Understand your web presence architecture and customer flows
  • Review your Search engine optimization
  • Understand the importance of audience engagement and UX
  • Create compelling content for your website
  • Optimize your website for conversion
  • Leverage web analytics

Improve your Lead Conversion

  • Use lead scoring & conversion optimization
  • Identify leads for conversion
  • Track & report on conversions
  • Test & optimize conversions

Refine your Email & Marketing Automation

  • Master lead nurturing & re-engagement campaigns
  • Understand email marketing techniques
  • Use A/B testing
  • Craft engaging content
  • Leverage opt-in email marketing
  • Build marketing automation workflows
  • Create a marketing automation strategy

Employ Analytics & Reporting

  • Leverage web analytics for insights
  • Create and interpret common reports
  • Build custom reports to track success
  • Monitor performance 


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