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EHL Report: Navigating the Hospitality Landscape in 2023

In this comprehensive report, EHL Group delves into the complexities of the current hospitality industry, exploring key trends and offering valuable insights for navigating the turbulent macro-environment.

Opening the discourse, EHL Group's CEO, Markus Venzin, poses a fundamental question: How can hospitality adapt to become more attractive, technologically advanced, sustainable, and innovative amidst evolving customer needs and shifting societal paradigms?

As the industry grapples with challenges ranging from labor shortages to sustainability concerns, the report provides a roadmap for progress:

  • Addressing labor shortages through technology, flexibility, and upskilling.
  • Harnessing digital technologies and tech startups to drive sustainability initiatives.
  • Analyzing the changing landscape of sustainable real estate for hotel investors.
  • Embracing authenticity in the food and beverage industry to meet consumer demands.
  • Exploring human-centric sustainability marketing strategies.
  • Diversifying restaurant revenue streams to adapt to changing market dynamics.
  • Embracing Circular Economy practices and rethinking traditional business models.
  • Leveraging people analytics for more effective decision-making in human resource management.
  • Exploring innovative solutions like keg wine to meet sustainability goals.
  • Engaging customers through themed hospitality experiences and experiential offerings.

Contributed by esteemed members of the EHL faculty, these insights offer a blend of academic rigor and practical relevance, shaping the future of hospitality education and industry practices alike.

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