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Recap of the EHL SoTL Conference 2024: Embracing Technology in Education


The purpose of the Scholarship of Teaching of Learning (SoTLevents is to understand, improve, and share teaching and learning practices across disciplines and schools to prepare a new generation of lifelong learners. The 6th annual International Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference took place at EHL Hospitality Business School, Lausanne, on February 1, 2024.

This year’s theme revolved around the significant role that technology has taken and will continue to take in education, particularly in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and its relevance in the HEI community, innovation, teaching, and learning. After three years of blended SoTL conferences, this year, participants were back on site! From the welcome coffee through the closing apéro, the buzz of the participants and the enthusiasm that they exuded was contagious.

Keynote speaker Dr. Iain MacLaren explored the role of AI in academic writing, highlighting its opportunities and limitations. Dr. MacLaren emphasized the importance of critical digital literacy in shaping the future of education.

Dr. Sebastien Fernandez led an interactive session on identifying personalized teaching signatures, reassuring educators about the irreplaceable role of human instructors in the classroom. Other sessions addressed topics such as learning sustainability, re-imagining online assessments, enhancing course interactions with students, and fostering creativity in education.

The conference provided a platform for educators to exchange ideas, share best practices, and envision the future of teaching and learning. Looking ahead, the SoTL community anticipates another enriching conference in 2025, welcoming educators to join the dialogue and collaboration.


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