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Attitude Hotels partners with EHL Group to launch Attitude Academy


Attitude and EHL Group share the same values and future vision for the hospitality industry. The partnership allows the local community to receive formal, world-class education without leaving Mauritius or interrupting their employment. By training current and future generations of staff in operational excellence, Attitude Hotels will ensure guests have a great holiday experience. Attitude employees – and the wider community – can enjoy a world-class career opportunity accessible to all, giving them the skills and knowledge to become successful hospitality professionals. 

This will be the first VET by EHL center in Mauritius. The training will be based on the Swiss Competency Framework, regarded as one of the best education models in the world. With a blend of campus-based learning and internships, students will develop technical know-how, human relations, self-development, and graduate with the experience of managing real-world operations and teams.

There are 8 Attitude Hotels in Mauritius and the company is leading the way forward with its eco-commitments to the local community, environment, and economy. Attitude Hotels has been voted the #1 Great Place to Work in Mauritius. The next step? Offering world-class training from VET by EHL.

This new partnership allows Attitude Hotels to create scalable, affordable and attractive learning courses for people interested in working in the hospitality industry. The ready-to-go courses are delivered using EHL’s curriculum, videos and presentations, providing high-quality training and employability for graduates. Learning is based around flexible working schedules where students are paid for their work and education fees will be subsidized by Attitude Hotels. Students must complete three certificates to receive a professional diploma, requiring 18 months of alternating courses and internships. 

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