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Vakko and EHL Group Partner to Launch Vakko School of Hospitality and Service


Vakko has teamed up with EHL Group to establish the Vakko School of Hospitality and Service in Istanbul, starting January 2024. This collaboration aims to elevate vocational education standards in Turkey's hospitality industry, combining Vakko's renowned culture and service quality with EHL Group's expertise.

The school, located in Akaret, Istanbul, adjacent to Vakko ESMOD Fashion Academy, will offer Swiss-inspired training models, including a Training Center, Micro-Training, and Apprenticeship programs. These programs, taught by industry experts, aim to meet the growing talent demand in Turkey's hospitality sector.

During the signing ceremony at Vakko Hotel & Residence, Cem Hakko, Vakko's Chairman, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, "We join forces with EHL Group, the world's best in its field." André Mack, Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at EHL Group, echoed Hakko's sentiments, highlighting their commitment to excellence.

Through the Vakko School of Hospitality and Service, Vakko and EHL Group are poised to nurture the next generation of hospitality leaders, enriching Turkey's hospitality landscape with world-class education and service standards.

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