EHL School Certification

Elevate your program with the EHL Certification Scheme: A Quality Assurance Framework that connects you to a global network of top hospitality schools. Enjoy exclusive benefits from the EHL Group and boost student satisfaction & employability.



Quality Assurance for Hospitality Schools Worldwide

Through the process of certification, we assist learning centers to achieve a high standard of academic quality assurance that is backed by EHL, the world’s first and best ranking hospitality business school.

The EHL Certification Scheme is a quality assurance framework, addressing the needs of hospitality and tourism education institutions to continuously improve their educational offer and internal organization.

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A Solid Business Model

Much more than an academic accreditation, the EHL certification process addresses the institution as a whole to make the school successful and profitable. Our experts offer guidance and support in areas such as Quality Assurance management, Governance & Organization, and Faculty Management.


Three-Step Process

The journey towards excellence in hospitality education begins with the Associate Membership, followed by the Certification Membership and ultimately, Center of Excellence status. This structure, along with continuous guidance and support, quality framework, and included benefits allow the institutions to pass through three levels of association and to elevate the level of institutional quality.


Progressive Benefits

As soon as a school enters the certification process, they begin to access a number of privileges that progress through the three stages of membership.

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EHL Certified Schools Network

The following schools integrated the EHL network of schools by demonstrating a high level of commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry. These schools enter into the certification program ensuring periodic reviews, qualitative enhancements and faculty training to maintain the certification. Faculty and management of each school undergo our Qualified Learning Facilitator’s training program, designed to transfer the art and science of effective learning.

Services & Benefits Overview


Brand & Network


Data & Knowledge


Quality & Continuous Improvement


Student Benefits

The Certification Commission

The Certification Commission is the highest authority within the Scheme. Its duties include granting, renewing, or removing the status of Candidate or Member institutions of The Scheme.

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