Named the most innovative IEK in Europe, in the European competition "Awards of Excellence in Vocational Education and Training 2022"

Completing 50 years of leadership, we remain true to our vision of pioneering professional education based on European standards. Discover the points that make IEK AKMI, a prestigious European training institution that innovates, evolves and excels.

IEK AKMI has established itself as a school that provides high quality vocational training, with a commitment to quality and innovation. This is why it is the first choice of leading international education institutions for the provision of cutting-edge certifications, which are targeted and fully oriented to the needs of the Greek market.


Hospitality Industry

Tourism accounts for 18% of Greece's GDP and employs more than 900,000 people, accounting for one fifth of the workforce. 



Athens, Greece


VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma


"The aging of the population in developed countries will mean more time, money and mood for travel. The end of the pandemic will accelerate this trend. Speaking of Athens, its tourism product is constantly being enriched and will be enriched even more in the near future."

Giannis Retsos, president of the Greek Tourism Confederation


We are constantly upgrading the vocational training offered by closely following the labor market and its requirements. We create a unique "blend" of knowledge, modern technology and professional practice.

We have the most modern and well-equipped campuses in the country. We continuously invest in infrastructure and equipment to be at the heart of educational and technological developments.

We select qualified teachers and the most accomplished professionals in the market to transfer their knowledge and experience to our students.

We promote our graduates and accompany them on their path to professional rehabilitation through a large network of 5,500 partner companies.

Through the activation of innovative corporate social responsibility actions, we train our students not only to excel as tomorrow's professionals, but also to show their sensitivity as citizens from an early age.