Attitude Academy

Attitude Academy was created with the objective that everything is possible.

Enjoying world-class vocational education without leaving Mauritius. Possible. Your age? It is just a number. Launching a new career, growing an existing one or starting from scratch – the academy can help everyone, whatever stage of life they are at.

There are 8 Attitude Hotels in Mauritius and the company is leading the way forward with its eco-commitments to the local community, environment and economy. Attitude Hotels has been voted the #1 Great Place to Work in Mauritius. The next step? Offering world-class training from VET by EHL.


Hospitality Industry

Mauritius has a vibrant tourism industry and welcomed around 1,3000,000 tourists in 2023. There are around 114 hotels on the island and the direct and indirect employment from tourism is approximately 100,000 people. The contribution of tourism to the country’s GDP in 2022 was 7.4%. 





VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma


“We are a collection of 8 eco-committed hotels in Mauritius and our purpose is to benefit the local community, economy and environment while ensuring our guests have the very best holiday experience. We are actors of change, considering every detail of our business to challenge traditional hospitality and push sustainability to the forefront of everything we do. Partnering with EHL is a great opportunity for our employees and community, offering first-class training without leaving the island. World-class training also means a better holiday experience for all the guests who choose to stay with Attitude Hotels.”

Vincent Desvaux de Marigny, CEO of Attitude Hotels


The Attitude Way

Attitude is a purpose-driven company committed to the local environment, community, and economy. The rooms are decorated with art made by local artists and the furniture is made by Mauritian craftspeople. Food is locally grown and sourced, benefitting local farmers and reducing transportation. Single-use plastic is banned from the guest journey, so there are no small bottles of shampoos and sachets in the bedrooms. Instead, guests can grab a reusable glass jar and take what they need from the hotel’s Bulk Shop. Spa POZ offers treatments using products with 100% natural ingredients grown or sourced locally, and Attitude Hotels has created the Green Attitude Foundation, a charity that supports sustainable projects in Mauritius. 

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