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ITC Hotels

Diploma programs offered across four ITC luxury hotels

Hospitality is an exciting industry with a global reach while being intrinsically local at the same time. In this steadily growing and diverse industry, the focus is on maximizing customer experience and satisfaction.  

“The current demand-supply gap of trained workforce in the Indian hospitality sector is at a shortfall of about 80%. Hospitality employers find the workforce being supplied below the industry’s high expectations. There is a definite need in India for a globally recognized vocational training that can create a pool of talented hospitality professionals,” Sougata Roy Choudhury, CII executive director


Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sector in India is one of the most profitable, accounting for more than 8% of the country’s workforce and an estimated 15 million jobs being created in the last few years. 



ITC Maurya, New Delhi

ITC Sonar, Kolkata

ITC Maratha, Mumbai

ITC Grand Chola, Chennai


VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma

Every person deserves the opportunity to make the most of their talents through formal and hands-on education, which should be a core objective of every country's educational system. The hospitality industry is vast in India and is projected to grow over the next decade.

To help address the hospitality skill gap issue, ITC Hotels and the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) partnered with EHL. In culmination, they launched the VET by EHL Professional Diploma Programs. This industry-aligned apprenticeship format is aimed to meeting the needs of targeted individuals with a high school diploma. The VET by EHL program is already helping to bridge the skill gap, which will strengthen India’s position as a leader in global hospitality.


"One of the main challenges in the Skills ecosystem has been making the students' industry ready. CII has been partnering with the industry to create a pool of employment-ready talent, trained by the industry itself, offering an optimal solution to manage the demand."

Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII


Industry-Education Partnership

Aimed at enhancing the skill set of enthusiastic hospitality students, the collaboration between CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and ITC Hotels will enable aspiring candidates to receive the best of both on hands training at at four ITC Hotels across four distinct regions (ITC Maurya, New Delhi; ITC Sonar, Kolkata; ITC Maratha, Mumbai and ITC Grand Chola, Chennai)  and in-depth understanding of hotel operations by subject-matter experts.