Luxury Hotel School Paris

Luxury is a dream world that becomes reality as if by magic, nowhere with more attention than in the great hotels.

The Luxury Hotels School offers its students the opportunity to experience the magic of luxury. We are guided by the codes of luxury and the complementary values of benevolence and high standards, serving the well-being and development of our students.

Your motivation is our responsibility: a very nice school, stimulating activity-based courses, study trips, a very good restaurant every day, good Nespresso coffee, very good chairs and Mario Kart at every break will make you want to get up in the morning.

The EHL partnership reinforces Luxury Hotelschool Paris' position as a leader in hotel management training in France. Courses cover front-office operations, customer service excellence, beverage knowledge and dietetics, as well as protocol, communication, international accounting and IT. Students are also trained in English, with preparation for the TOEIC exam.


Hospitality Industry

The French hotel industry stays on course and performs well in 2022.



Paris, France


VET by EHL Program

Hotel Professional Diploma


"We are proud that Luxury Hotelschool is the first VET by EHL partner in France, a professional training program developed by EHL, the world's most respected hotel management school. Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to offer our students exceptional learning opportunities and prepare them for a promising career in the hospitality industry."

Jean-Axel Pasdeloup, Directer de la Luxury Hotelschool


Gabe Capuano

Bachelor student following her 2 years of VET by EHL

"The VET by EHL program at Luxury Hotelschool is a real springboard for getting your career in the luxury hotel industry off to a good start. These two years of VET by EHL met my expectations, with a first segment devoted to operational practice in all hotel and restaurant professions, before moving, gradually, towards a second segment that prepared me for a supervisory role."

After completing the two-year Vocational Education and Training by EHL program and obtaining the Diploma in Hotel Administration, Gabe Capuano is currently completing his Top-Up Bachelor year with a concierge internship at Le Roch Hôtel & Spa Paris.