MC Metropolitan College

With a history dating back to 1982, Metropolitan College is today the largest College of University Studies in Greece and consistently the first choice in private higher education for both students and their parents.

In cooperation with distinguished universities abroad, it offers the widest range of modern study programs in demand in the market.

Metropolitan College stands out for the high quality of its university programs and its distinguished academic staff. Its philosophy focuses on providing university studies of excellence, with the vision of shaping a landscape in higher education in our country, similar to that of the best universities abroad.

Moreover, it is the only College in Greece that is a member of the Compostela Group of Universities, a network of international universities. Membership in this network offers international academic recognition and networking with leading universities around the world.


Hospitality Industry

Investments in Hospitality (total number of accommodation and food service units) recorded an average annual contribution to Greece’s economy of €1.5 billion.



Athens, Greece


VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma


"Tourism related studies have started to gain the importance and validity they deserve and are gradually becoming a conscious choice. We, at SETE, are true believers that learning never stops in an industry such as ours, and we applaud this initiative between Metropolitan College and EHL"  

Mr. Giannis Retsos, President of the Greek Tourism Confederation


Boost Vocational Development with an Education Partnership

The worlds of education, training and work have been quite apart in Greece. As a result, the skills needed by the labor market are not always anticipated, and young graduates struggle to find positions that match their qualification.

The government seeks to reinforce work-based components of education and training, to address the challenges Greece currently faces such as competitiveness, youth unemployment and social inclusion. Reconciling students and parents with Vocational Training and promoting it as an educational option of equal standing, has thus become an essential element of the Greek government’s reforms.