Swiss Hotel Management Academy

SHMA Students are privileged to gain their practical skill sets at one of our partnered hotels.

Bringing premium education to Sri Lanka from the "Home of Hospitality" and encompassing the finesse and elegant continental tradition of Swiss hospitality, SHMA offers world-class professional vocational education and practical training replicating real-life situations on a ‘Learn & Apply’ model for students to thrive in the hospitality industry.


Hospitality Industry

Experts and veterans in the hospitality business believe that the Sri Lankan hotel industry will require at least 250,000 'direct' workers of all capacities to sustain the future. 





VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma


"We are proud to break through traditional thinking and embrace more innovative and ground-breaking ways that will enable students to have the required practical experience and industry relations upon completion of their study. We are challenging the status quo together with VET by EHL and taking this bold initiative for the greater good of our hospitality sector and the country as a whole." 

Rolf Blaser, Managing Director/CEO at A Baur & Company Ltd


An asset-light model for a vocational institute

The training offered in the Sri Lankan hospitality sector was failing to maintain quality and relevance. Reskilling and upskilling at a fast pace was becoming a matter of survival for the industry, who was lacking hospitality staff who clearly understood the needs of the customer and was able to deliver the desired experience.

Vocational Education appeared to be the answer to rapidly filling the human resources gap and bring to the market the requisite numbers of highly trained workers.

Sri Lanka’s SHMA was born out of this industry need, with the vision to become the premier Hospitality School in the country.