Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing (WISE) 

At Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing (WISE), we offer a platform for individuals to turn their natural abilities into professional talents.

Our commitment to providing intensive, hands-on instruction allows trainees to be prepared for the hospitality industry, both within and outside of Bhutan.

At WISE institute, we assist candidates in identifying their aptitude and interests to make an informed decision about their career. Our diploma and certificate programs are designed for class XII and X graduates, and provide key details about the company/hotel, job responsibilities, expected work hours, and other important information. We help individuals understand themselves and the current job trends, so they can confidently take the next step in their career.


Hospitality Industry

Bhutan’s tourism is a vibrant business with a high potential for growth and further development. The Royal Government of Bhutan adheres strongly to a policy of 'High Value, Low Volume' tourism, which serves the purpose of creating an image of exclusivity and high-yield for Bhutan.



Thimphu, Bhutan


VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma


"With the launch of VET by EHL Programs at BISHT (Renamed WISE), we aim to improve the employability of youth in Bhutan and help them achieve befitting career options in the hospitality sector within the country and overseas. We are providing a Swiss benchmark course in the country without the hassle of students travelling elsewhere to get the Certification. The students are also be exposed to a live working environment through the internship as part of their curriculum, allowing them to gain exceptional experience. BISHT (Renamed WISE) provides support in employment opportunities for graduates."  

Ms. Chencho Tshering, Chief Executive Officer of BISHT (Renamed WISE)


Invest in vocational education to help travel and tourism

The government of Bhutan attaches great importance to skills development for jobs and is highly committed to improving the vocational education and training sector. 

In order to support the tourism industry of Bhutan, Wangchuk Group of Companies Private Limited (WGC) decided to invest in Vocational training and deliver the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) approved short duration certificate level programs in 2010.