Singapore Institute of Hospitality

Singapore Institute of Hospitality (SIH) is a quality educational institution aimed at providing specialised training programmes for hospitality and service industry professionals.

We believe we are driving towards a brighter and better future. We do that by striving, personally and professionally, to outperform.

We endeavor to stay ahead of the curve and work with like-minded partners to deliver programs that meet the industry’s needs.

We actively engage with various stakeholders such as policymakers, industry players and academia to align respective visions and goals in order to develop a sustainable future for the industry. We achieve this through teaching, research, industry relations and practice.


Hospitality Industry

The Singapore Hospitality Market is growing at a CAGR of >6.9% over the next 5 years.





VET by EHL Programs

Culinary Professional Diploma

F&B Service Professional Diploma

Hotel Professional Diploma


The VET by EHL programmes follow EHL’s philosophy of balancing theory and application. That means that students will be stimulated by their trainers to think and synthesize knowledge, all in real-life setting classrooms which allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge & hone their skills. Having the possibility to make mistakes in a safe but realistic environment, before entering the industry as graduates, allows trainees to grow and excel later in their careers.


A government supported initiative

SIH offers a schedule of professional development programs to provide training and skill upgrades to equip industry professionals with the best technical know-how and practices that are applicable to a range of industries.