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What is Vocational Education & Training - VET by EHL

The VET by EHL licensing model offers organizations and training centers around the world the opportunity to deliver plug and play hospitality programs and administer EHL-approved professional diplomas.

It has been designed as a scalable, affordable and attractive learning solution for students interested in working in the hospitality industry as well as adults who have opted for a career change.

Based on the Swiss Competency Framework -  regarded as one of the best education models in the world - this blended skills training model is characterized by a strong learning outcomes approach and a competence-oriented structure of training content.


Ready-to-deliver hospitality training programs

Our Vocational Education & Training (VET) licensing program enables learning centers and organizations to implement ready-made Swiss hospitality training programs, thereby addressing two of the biggest challenges that tourism-developing nations face today: training qualified staff and contributing to long-term employment growth in service sectors.  


Swiss Recipe for Success

The Swiss federally-recognized Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is one of Switzerland’s most popular forms of education for young people. Its best-in-class programs use proven methods to ensure a high quality of training and employability for graduates.


A Balanced Approach

The VET programs use a balanced learning approach that combines hands-on courses with blended learning courses (academic & online) to develop operational skills for the industry, and transferable skills for future professional growth and life-long learning.


Ready to Go

Using a traditional Swiss model for vocational hospitality education, we package the courses so that institutions need only to deliver them using the complete curriculum, videos and presentations that are ready to use.


VET by EHL Programs

Under our VET licensing models, to obtain the Professional Diploma (in Kitchen, Service, or Hotel Administration) students must complete three certificates, requiring a total of 18 months of alternating courses and on-the-job training.

VET-by-EHL programs can be structured based on 2 distinct models:

  • The Center Model: 50/50 split format with classroom-based learning combined with guided practical workshops and on-the-job application.
  • The Apprenticeship Model: 80/20 split format in partnership with local hotel partners. Learners receive daily on-the-job training in addition to classroom-based theory 1 day per week.

Main Benefits of VET by EHL Center Model

Ready-to-Deliver Learning Content

Designed by EHL experts, the plug and play curriculum is ready for delivery, allowing partners to focus their time and energy on recruitment and the continuous improvement of the student experience. 

Quality Assurance, Brand Recognition and World-Class Education Standards

By leveraging the EHL Brand, partners align themselves with Swiss quality, experience and education standards. 

Improved Teaching Quality

All VET by EHL trainers are trained according to defined EHL standards and are certified to deliver the courses to the students. 

Employability of Young Graduates:

Targeted and relevant skills help graduates gain rewarding employment and move quickly into supervisory positions.

Synergies with Local Businesses

The education delivered considers the needs of local businesses, encouraging local employers to confidently hire graduates to support their business growth. 

“By employing and training young people, Travel & Tourism contributes to peace, poverty reduction, inclusive & sustainable economic growth and develops relevant skills and knowledge for the future.”

- World Travel & Tourism Council

Main Benefits of VET by EHL Apprenticeship Model

Reduction in Infrastructure Costs

The model requires limited infrastructure and upkeep costs, as all learning takes place on a learning management system and in partner-owned facilities.

Reduction in Faculty Costs

Full-time staff is not required. Industry experts are recruited and are trained according to EHL standards following the train-the-trainer methodology and are ready to deliver their courses in less than 6 months.

Students Earn While They Learn

Learning is based around flexible working schedules where students are paid for their work and education fees are subsidized by the employer.

Real-world Education Experience

Education is tailored to meet the needs of the local industry supporting experienced hospitality workers in receiving a formal, world-class education experience without leaving their country or interrupting their employment.

Agility and Autonomy

The partnership model allows for quick adaptations to local market evolutions. 


What is the VET by EHL approach to Learning?

“The most powerful type of learning is not being taught what to do, but learning how to find a solution on your own”.

The VET by EHL standards require that the finest professionals in the industry be employed at each licensed center, bringing training excellence and industry relevance to their classrooms. Each trainer must undergo the EHL-delivered Train the Trainer Program to become a VET by EHL Certified Facilitator: A facilitator does not operate according to the traditional concept of teaching, but rather guides and helps students to learn on their own.


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